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best place to get a logo designedWhere’s the best place to get a logo designed? If you own a website, having a legitimate-looking logo can make a difference in how visitors perceive your website. I’ve found consumers are more likely to make a purchase or click a link on a website that incorporates a professional looking logo into the design. For the websites I own, my general rule is that once a site generates some traffic that leads to a few sales from the links, then it’s time to hire a professional to develop a logo. As this site continues to grow, a logo is definitely on the to-do list. The dog with a sweater is a logo that I had designed here.

The first logo I remember paying for was one for a sports product website. I’m a little ashamed to say it, but I used for the design. I think I paid five dollars and maybe added an upgrade for a total spend of ten dollars. What I received back was something that looked like a twelve year old designed. I can’t complain, keep in mind it only cost me ten dollars.

Right after adding the logo to the website, the site started generating sales. I’ll never know if the sales were due to adding the logo, as terrible looking as it was (and still is), or the sales were related more to timing, and that the sports products had started to index with the search engines. Either way, that experience shaped the way I look at logos. Ever since that experience, I believe it’s important to have a quality logo for your website.

My next experience was during the time I was developing a website based on the name of a particular city. The website developers I was using connected me with someone they knew that did logo work. I communicated with the logo designer and he put together a few ideas. I just couldn’t get excited about any of the guy’s designs. I didn’t like that I only had one person coming up with the logo ideas.

More recently, in late 2014, I decided it was time to have a logo designed for another website I own. I mentioned it to a colleague at work. She has a design background and recommended that I take a look at 99designs. She said that over a dozen different designers compete for your business by completing a preliminary design.

I decided to go for it and tried 99designs for the first time. Although they offer template logos for $99 (click the banner to the right) that are a very affordable option, I chose the custom Logo Design Option for $299. I wrote a design brief, essentially it lets the designers know more about what type of logo you want. You fill out the form with the name of your logo, information about your target audience, the industry, you select a few generic logos just to give the designers an idea of what you like from a style perspective, the values the logo should communicate (luxury or economical, playful or serious, simple or complex, etc.), color preference and whether or not you want a slogan. It literally only takes a few minutes.

I made sure to specify the exact size of the logo that I wanted. I also asked to have the logo on a transparent background. I was looking for a simple logo that would have an Amazon-feel to it, since the website it was going to be used for has products that are linked to Amazon. I didn’t want potential visitors to my site to feel as though they were “lost” when being forwarded from my site to Amazon. I also didn’t want to copy the Amazon logo in any way, so it was a delicate balance.

Different logo designers began to submit logo ideas within the first 24 hours. It was exciting to check my account and see the different ideas. The logo “contest” as it’s called, ran for four days. During those four days, I was able to eliminate the designs of poor quality and comment on and have modifications made to the designs I liked best. Several of the designers made changes during this four day period. Many of them submitted multiple designs with slight variations.

In the early stages of the contest, 99designs will ask you if you want to guarantee the “prize.” If you agree to it, they let the designers know that one of them will be guaranteed to win the contest and win the prize (or award, whatever they call it). The theory is that if the designers know the contest is guaranteed, they’ll be more likely to submit designs, and possibly better designs.

In my case, I agreed to guarantee the prize because there had already been two or three designs submitted that I really liked. It did seem to me that after agreeing to guarantee the prize/award, more designs were submitted. Once the four day submission period is over, you then have the option of taken a set number of the designers (three or four) to the next stage. I choose a couple of the designers that had submitted my favorite logos and had them make any final changes that I wanted. From there, I chose the logo that I liked best.

Soon after selecting the logo I liked best, 99designs let me know that the logo files were ready for me. I submitted my payment of $299 (I was not charged tax-may vary from state to state) and was able to access the files and download them. If the files are quite correct, you have the opportunity to communicate with the designer through the 99designs’ site.

The first time I went through the process, I didn’t choose to make the contest “blind,” so all the designers were able to see the submissions of all the other designers. What I noticed from not having a blind contest is that many of the submissions near the end were basically copying design elements of the logos that I indicated I liked early on in the four day submission period. I suspect the good, creative designers prefer to have contests blind so that their work isn’t copied. However, from my perspective, that of someone wanting a great design, it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing to keep the contest open, not blind.

Overall, I enthusiastically recommend using 99designs for your next logo. The website is extremely easy to use, I received somewhere in the neighborhood of two dozen designs to choose from. The cost is very reasonable and communication was great. I liked the process so well that I went back to 99designs for a second logo. I’m using the part of the logo, the part with the dog (there are words that go with it as well), from the second logo design contest that I launched for a new website idea. I love the dog-inspired design. I actually didn’t want a dog, or any animal for that matter, as part of the design for my most recent logo contest. However, when the creative design was submitted, it really stood out.

I opted to make the second logo contest “blind” so the designers wouldn’t be able to see each other’s logo work. When I go back to 99designs for my next, or third logo, I’m not sure if I’ll make it a blind contest or not. Based upon my experience, the best place to get a logo designed is 99designs.

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